World Radio Day 2018: Radio and Sports

The theme for 2018 is all about the alliance of sport and radio as a force for civic participation and development as well as for celebrating humanity in its diversity. Radio and Sports build and unite communities, through the coverage of traditional and grassroots games, radio can reconnect people with their cultural heritage, promoting freedom of expression and diversity through cultural expression. Radio and Sports inspire participation and inclusion: sports coverage is hugely powerful in shaping norms and stereotypes about gender. Radio has the ability to challenge these norms, promoting a balanced coverage of men’s and women’s sports and fair portrayal of sportspeople irrespective of gender. Radio fosters goodwill and inspires humanity. Through greater coverage of sports for peace and development initiatives, the universal values of sports, peace, solidarity and tolerance are recognised and celebrated.

World Radio Day 2018: How to get involved

UNESCO invites all radio stations and supporting organizations to join us on 13 February for World Radio Day 2018, a chance to celebrate radio and highlight the importance of radio as a medium through the lens of this year’s WRD theme – Radio and Sports! Radio is still the most accessible, reactive and engaging medium there is, informing and transforming us, through news, entertainment and audience participation.