Climate Radio : First ever FM licensed community radio in Morocco


AMARC, FMAS and UNESCO have the pleasure to announce the official launch of “CLIMATE RADIO” on the FM band, 100.1 Mhz

For the first time in the country, this unique initiative offers access to the FM band to community radios in Morocco.

Climate Radio will broadcast throughout the COP 22 summit, providing information on the summit and all its participants, with a strong emphasis on civil society, as well as women and youth issues. Climate Radio also provides public interest service information about logistics and practical news for listeners and participants to the summit. The programmes, reports and news are produced by 19 journalists from different countries of the Mediterranean area, Middle East and Africa.

Climate Radio is also a news agency providing journalistic contents in several languages (Arabic, French, English, Amazigh, etc.) that will be made available to community media around the world.

Climate Radio is a partnership between the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), the Forum des Alternatives Morocco (FMAS), the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), with the support of UNESCO in the framework of the Mediterranean Youth Network Project (NET-MED Youth) funded by the European Union.

Listen to Climate Radio : 100.1 FM in Marrakech

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More info:

Imane Bounjara (FMAS/ CMJC) : +212 (0)6 66 61 04 86

Sébastien Nègre (AMARC): +212 (0)6 22 69 73 88

Rim Baji (UNESCO) : +212 (0)6 61 09 40 68