AMARC at the Pan-Amazonic Social Forum

[:en]Between April 28 and May 1, traditional communities, indigenous peoples as well as social movements from nine Latin American countries gather at the Eighth Panamaan Social Forum in Tarapoto, Peru. To meet the call of the jungle, from Monday 24 the activities of AMARC Brazil and Pulsar Community Radio agency will be mainly dedicated to the coverage of the event. A radio station as just neem launched.

Denise Viola, coordinator of AMARC Brazil, recalls that the Forum intends to discuss issues such as identity, problems faced but also proposals for new relationships within the Amazonian jungle. Viola says that AMARC participates in the meeting with members of the project Mídia dos Povos, working with communication initiatives in the Amazon, developed with the support of MISEREOR.

To create impact inside and outside the Amazon, from April 27 to May 2, more than 30 members of two networks of communicators, La Nave Va and Mídia dos Povos, organize a radio in Tarapoto. The radio will take place at the convergence center for free and community media in Latin America.

In addition to the coverage of the Forum, AMARC Brazil and Pulsar Brasil also participate in radio programming. João Ataíde, a member of the project Mídia dos Povos de Amapá, is going to bring the quilombola culture to the event and he has many expectations on the outcomes of the project.

During this period the activities of theAmarc Community Informative Agency Pulsar Brazil will be dedicated to the cverage of the Pan-American Social Forum.

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